Drive more frequent visits and
transactions from your customers
Alluring's clienteling solution creates knowledgeable and connected sales associates who enhance your brand experience and sell more products
We approach clienteling differently
Leverage omni-channel & social data directly on the sales floor.
Take the guess-work out of relationship management with daily insights.
Incorporate behaviorial dimensions into customer profiles.
Compare, analyze, and create intersections from dimensions.
Generate tasks from intersections for sales associates to carry out.
Personalize communication and experiences at scale.
Transparency into what's really happening on the sales floor.
Baked-in training. Service clientele like a pro in no time.
Clienteling scaled in modern fashion
Built on a modern stack that sits nicely upon existing systems.
Customer and brand social feeds automatically synched within app.
Omni-Channel datasources power application's core.
Our Story
How we became involved with clienteling, loyalty, and connected commerce.

Alluring Logic is a New York based company backed by a group of top venture investors. Initially servicing the City's largest department stores as independent consultants, our founding team has worked alongside personal shoppers and sales associates enhancing in-store experiences through the development of custom solutions. Alluring Logic continues to pioneer the concepts of connected and omni-channel commerce at the nation's top big-box retailers.

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